S2S Self Checkout

The software that automates the checkout process.

It's like hiring a new team member.

Improve your business with our integrated Self Checkout system, which combines high-quality hardware solutions, advanced security features, and our high-performance S2S Self Checkout application.

High-performance software architecture.
Windows 11 compatible
S2S Software
Universal compatibility with any management software.
Included REST API

Futureproof your business with our innovative solution, S2S Self Checkout.

Cost optimization
Minimize operational costs and personnel expenses. Available even outside business hours.
Customer flow optimization
Optimize customer flow by perfecting the sales process, regardless of customer traffic, enabling them to make payments quickly and autonomously.
Enables communication with the existing management system through the integrated Rest API.
Top-notch hardware
S2S Softwate - Top notch hardware
Strategically designed hardware.

Easy to use smart designed hardware

Solid metal structure for improved durability and a professional look. Generous 27-inch touchscreen display. Integrated check scale to minimize losses and operational errors. You don’t need to weigh everything, the check scale can be synchronized with a reference already saved in cloud. Designed for quick card transactions. Compatible with multiple card processors. Includes a built-in omnidirectional scanner, as well as a handheld scanner for bulkier items.

A new team member

Professionally designed software.

Designed to optimize the sales process and improve customer experience. With a large and generous screen, customers can easily choose their purchased products, including bakery items. In just a few steps, customer satisfaction is ensured.

Self checkout software

S2S Self Checkout

Ideal for stores with medium to high traffic, S2S Self Checkout fully automates the process from the cash register.

Available through monthly or yearly subscription, it ensures that you always have the latest version of the application and newest features. You also benefit from various included cloud services and dedicated technical support.

The application features a modern and intuitive interface specifically designed for the Self Checkout system, making the checkout experience unmatched.

Our system is designed to avoid scanning errors, alerting customers if the weight of scanned items don’t match. This ensures an additional check to provide a shopping experience without errors.

Designed to allow for fast and efficient product checkout, because we know that time is a valuable asset.

With the help of the integrated REST API or the import/export functions, our solution can be used in combination with any management software on the market. This enables the integration and exchange of data in an efficient and simple way.

We have created a specially designed interface for ordering food. Using attractive images, additional product options and detailed descriptions, we stimulate your appetite and provide an unmatched ordering experience.

We have the ability to configure and manage multiple kitchens within the S2S Self Order system. It is designed to know exactly which kitchen needs to prepare each order and automatically sends the corresponding orders to them.

We also provide a dedicated kitchen display screen, another one that displays the order status and when the food is ready, and another screen for the sales staff. This way, we provide a complete solution to optimize operations in your location.

All sales made through the S2S Self Order system are automatically included in production reports, management reports, and other relevant accounting documents. All of this with just one click.

Safe orders through

S2S Self Order

Complete solution for receiving orders at any quick service location. Complex interface, with clear images, extra options and the possibility of direct payment at the kiosk, transforming the food ordering process into an innovative and unmatched experience.