Terms of use, as well as all the products sold on this site are the property of Vega WebSolutions SRL from Arad, registered RO17965960, J02/1681/2005. All products are accompanied by an invoice and a license to use.

Important details about licenses

It is important that before any transaction on the, you consult our licensing policy:

    • Licenses are offered for 1 (one) company, for each individual work point.
    • One license is valid (unless otherwise stated in the license agreement received) for 3 (three) computers from a single work point, but only one point of sale.
    • You have a demo version for all the programs on the websitesite, you will get exactly what you tested.
    • There are NO refunds for issued licenses for any reason!
    • If you change the company and the old one gives up the license, the new company will benefit from a discount of up to 50% of the license price, depending on the customer’s history.
  • Online and telephone support is provided 30 days after license purchase, after which interventions are not free. Support is available Mon-Fri between 9am-5pm.

Purchase details

1. About the products

All products on this website have an introduction section and a documentation section where you can learn more about our products’ features.

For each product, both the necessary software/hardware requirements and the price for each module are presented. All prices shown include all taxes, including VAT. You will pay exactly the prices shown, with no other hidden fees.

2. Who can buy from this website

Most of the hardware or software products sold on the website are intended for legal entities with the profile of shops, restaurants, service, finesse, etc. For this reason, invoicing and delivery of products is done EXCLUSIVELY to legal entities. To purchase products from this site, you must place the order only as a legal entity. We do not send parcels or bill to individuals! If you want to purchase products for a natural person, you can only do it in person at our store and only for equipment and supplies, based on a tax receipt.

3. License to use the products

At the time of installation, you will be able to read the detailed license terms for each individual product. Read these conditions carefully! By installing the program, you agree to the license terms of that product. Unless clearly stated, the license to use is for an unlimited period, with no additional monthly/annual fees required. All licenses issued are nominal and non-transferable.

4. Product return/upgrade policy

Unless otherwise specified in the user license of the respective software, you will benefit from ONE YEAR from the date of license issuance on all new versions, by automatic or manual upgrade of the purchased software. This is NOT for newly released modules.

Before purchasing any software, please download the demo version of the software. These demo versions have all the functionality/modules of the software included, but are not nominally usable (eg you cannot issue documents only from a test company).

By purchasing your software, you declare that you have downloaded, installed and tested the software (demo version), tested all modules that interest you, and are satisfied with the way this software works. If any programming error occurs, it will be fixed in a new version.

The software is provided as is. The license agreement does not give the user the right to claim any additional facilities/services free of charge (but may be the subject of a software customization contract), including but not limited to: technical support, maintenance, updates, adaptations, specific developments, new versions or migrations to other versions of the software.

No information, clarification or advice given verbally or in writing by SC Vega WebSolutions SRL, its distributors, agents or employees can constitute the object of a guarantee.

5. Product payment methods

You can purchase the software:

– ONLINE, with debit/credit card, Visa, Visa electron, Mastercard or Maestro. We accept the following credit/debit cards: Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard/Eurocard, Maestro, including Visa or MasterCard virtual cards. Using your bank credit/debit card as payment method your order will be processed immediately.

– Based on the invoice sent, by payment order, bank transfer

– Cash upon picking up the package, by parcel service (depends on location)

6. How and when will you benefit from the purchased products?

Shortly after payment confirmation, you will receive the product activation key by email. If you have requested, the products will also be delivered by parcel service. (presentation map, invoice, license)

7. How do I pay ONLINE on this website?

Vega WebSolutions SRL sells its products online through the online payment services of Strype Payments. In this way, we can provide our customers with a safe and efficient online ordering and payment service.

You can buy our products online by following 3 steps:

  • Select the product you want to purchase and press the “Buy now!” link.
  • Enter your personal details.

This information is necessary for the correct and efficient processing of the order placed by you. Entering personal data is done using a 128-bit SSL encrypted connection. More information is available in the section “How safe is it for me to pay online?”.

Personal information is not transferred to other third parties, neither by Vega WebSolutions SRL, nor by Stripe Payments. Be sure to fill out the form correctly and indicate the people to whom the invoice and delivery will be made. The e-mail address is extremely important because the information related to the order and the ordered products will be sent via e-mail. An incorrect email address slows down the entire product ordering process. Moreover, Vega WebSolutions SRL and Stripe Payments will not be able to contact you and inform you about the status of your order.

If the delivery address is not the same as the billing address, please indicate this by selecting the menu at the bottom of the form. Choose the desired payment method and confirm the data by choosing “Next Step”.

  • Fill your credit/debit card details

If you have chosen the “Credit/Debit Card” payment method, it is necessary to fill in a form with your card information. For payments with credit/debit cards issued under the Visa and MasterCard logo (Visa/Visa Electron and Mastercard/Maestro), the “3-D Secure” system developed by these organizations is used, which ensures online transactions the same level of security as those made at the ATM or in the physical environment, at the merchant. “3-D Secure” primarily ensures that no information related to your card is transferred or stored, at any time, on our servers or on the servers of Stripe Payments, these data being directly entered into the Visa and MasterCard systems . In addition, “3-D Secure” is a system for authenticating the identity of cardholders in an electronic environment.

The cardholder authentication process is based on the security code known only to the cardholder and is performed only on Visa or MasterCard servers, as applicable. The “3-D Secure” system allows making online purchases with any card issued under a Visa or MasterCard license, including debit and electronic Maestro and Visa Electron cards. Virtual cards issued by these organizations are also accepted.

DIf the card transaction was successful, the next screen will display a thank you message for your order on our website and provide you with the relevant order information. You will also receive this information by email.

8. Security Policy

How safe is it for me to pay online?

The products on this website are sold online through the online payment services provided by Stripe Payments. The risks associated with an online payment are:

  • The personal data entered by you to complete the order may come into the possession of third parties and be misused – Vega WebSolutions SRL and Stripe Payments guarantee the security of its IT systems. Read “Stripe Payments Privacy Policy” and “Vega WebSolutions SRL Privacy Policy” for more information on the subject.
  • Your data in the case of bank card payments – card number, expiry date, etc. – to come into the possession of third parties and be misused. In the case of the “3-D Secure” system applied by Stripe Payments for payment with Visa or MasterCard cards, no information related to your card is transferred or stored, at any time, on our servers or on Stripe’s servers Payments, these being directly entered into the Visa or MasterCard systems, as the case may be.

In addition, if your card was issued by a bank certified in the “3-D Secure” system, the authorization of the transaction is done only after your authentication in this system – entering a secret code/password known only to you, similar PIN code for ATM transactions. Read “Verified by Visa” and “SecureCode” for full details related to the “3-D Secure” system.

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