S2S Self Checkout

Expanding your sales team

With S2S SelfCheckout, you have a new reliable member in your sales team.

This advanced self-checkout system allows you to optimize the sales process and streamline your team, providing a fast and autonomous shopping experience for your customers. With S2S SelfCheckout, you ensure success in the modern retail industry.

Our system is packed with intelligent features that enable automatic identification of items that cannot be purchased by minors or that can be sold in larger quantities, such as selling in bulk. This ensures compliance with legal regulations and facilitates the sales process by eliminating errors and protecting the merchant’s interests.

App features
Modern and intuitive interface.

Our application features a modern and intuitive interface, specifically designed for the Self Checkout system. This interface enhances and improves the customer experience during the checkout process, providing them with smooth and pleasant navigation. With an appealing design and intuitive functionalities, our interface ensures a memorable user experience.

Advanced cloud-based features

Our software is supported by an advanced intelligent engine. There's no need to weigh each product or manually enter item names anymore. We have a special cloud application that can synchronize with the system, making product identification and management easier. This allows for increased efficiency and time savings during setup operations.

Outstanding performance

Our application is designed to provide fast and efficient operation, eliminating the constant need for intervention from store assistants. With an optimized system and advanced functionalities, we ensure a seamless and speedy experience for customers, reducing waiting times and facilitating the checkout process. Our goal is to streamline operations and enhance customer satisfaction by delivering a smooth and efficient checkout experience.

s2s self checkout
Windows 10 / 11
Operating system
s2s self checkout

S2S Self Checkout - Seamless Integration​

Our application, S2S Self Checkout, seamlessly integrates with any management system using the integrated REST API service. This allows for easy and remote configuration of items and operators. Additionally, this system can be used independently without the need for additional attached software, as item configuration can be done locally through table import/export. Simply place it in a corner, and it will handle itself.

Moreover, if you require a powerful back-office solution for management and primary accounting, we can provide you with S2S::POS, the software that has been assisting stores since 2005.

SAAS Licensing

Available on a subscription basis.

The S2S Self Checkout application is available by monthly or annual subscription, offering your business the following advantages:

  • You always benefit from the latest version of the application and the newest functionalities
  • The acquisition cost is significantly reduced
  • You are always in compliance with tax legislation

With the SaaS licensing option, your business can take advantage of cutting-edge technology and easily adapt to changes in the retail industry.

Subscripție lunară

Choose the plan that suits you best

Choose the subscription that fits your business needs and automate your operations now.

S2S Self Checkout

Monthly subscription
69 / per month
  • Pay monthly
  • Up-to-date
  • No additional costs
  • Remote and phone support

S2S Self Checkout

Annual subscription
49 / per month
  • Pay annually
  • Up-to-date
  • No additional costs
  • Remote and phone support

14-day free trial period

We offer a 14-day free trial period. If at any time you’re not satisfied with your choice, you have the right to change your mind and cancel your subscription. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and the trial period gives you an opportunity to evaluate our solution before making a final decision.

Free consultancy

To assist you in making an informed decision, we are pleased to offer you a free consultation. Additionally, we can provide you with a fully functional self-checkout system for testing at our premises, or we can direct you to stores that have already installed this system. This way, you have the opportunity to directly experience the benefits and features of our solution before making a purchase.